How to Make Your Laptop Last Forever- 9 Steps

Laptop, a common daily usable machine people use nowadays. Our digital life is quite impossible without it. This digital device is helping us solving every digital task with great function and reliability. Buying a laptop is always a big investment as this machine doesn’t come with a low price. So, the moment it got fried, you lose not only your machine but also your valuable data. In this article, I share some step-by-step pro tips on how to make your laptop last forever. 

Your Basic Laptop knowledge

A laptop is similar to a desktop computer on a work basis. It is movable; you can carry it anywhere at any time. It has the same component as a desktop pc, but a little bit tiny in size and soldered. Inside a laptop body, there is a motherboard, ram, storage device, and a connected battery. A screen is also attached to the laptop body. The Keyboard is also attached in the upfront of the body with a trackpad (instead of a mouse). All connecting ports are placed at the side or back of the body. A power brick (charger) charge the battery and also can power up the device. A cooling fan or system is also included but not as good as desktop pcs. So, if you want to make your laptop last longer, you have to take care of every part of these components. 

Now comes some pro caring tips for you to follow…

How to Make Your Laptop Last Forever

Keep It Clean:

Keep it clean from the outside; keep it clean from inside. It’s simple. Dust can seriously harm your laptop and affect its performance. To extend your laptop’s life, get rid of dust. We often see dust, dirt, hair, crumbs on the laptop screen corners, over the keyboards and trackpads, speaker grilles, hinge, ports, vents. Even after a long period of work time, dirt covers the laptop’s body on cooling fan blades, over the motherboard, ram HDD, and others. This cause overheats problem, hardware malfunctions. In general, people don’t clean their laptop regularly.

But try to clean your device (from outside) at least once in a week (twice even better) or whenever it looks dirty to you. Use microfiber cloth with light cleaner (do not use window cleaner as it has ammonia that can dull your screen) to clean up your screen, body, and trackpad. A soft brush is necessary to clean the keyboard, connecting ports, and vents. Open your laptop inside every six months if possible (take expert support if you cannot) and clean the cooling fan, motherboard components with a soft brush, or a blower.  

Maintain the preferred temperature:

Computer device like a laptop or pc generates heat when running. Almost every component of your laptop, especially CPU, GPU, ram, hard disk, gets hot when running for a long time. There is a preferred temperature for your laptop to work smoothly. Well, I am making it simple for you. Just keep everything cool as possible.

There is an integrated cooling system in your device, which is your laptop CPU/GPU cooling fan that carries heat out of the device through the air vents. So, keep your laptop in the open, out of the sunlight, and cool place when using. Do no use it for a long time; if you feel the laptop is getting too hot or hear uncomfortable noise from the exhaust fan, turn off the device. Clean up your internal laptop fan and other components after several time. Replace your cooling paste once in a year. Use an external laptop cooling pad with extra-large fans. 

Keep it steady:

As a portable device, you can take it anywhere, but remember, always try to keep it in a dry and steady place. Carry it with care. Use a soft bag to carry. Do not place it on a shaky or high in temperature place. Do not drop, smash, or Crack open.

Take special care to sensitive parts:

There are some parts of your laptop that need special care. They usually get damaged with a minor scratch. So be careful with your integrated keyboard, trackpad, and connecting ports. Use an external keyboard and mouse (Bluetooth is better), powered dock.

Keep it on low workload:

Though modern laptops can take heavy workloads but you should not do it very often. Using the device for a long time, multitasking, and heavy software load can harm your laptop in the long run. So, try to keep it in low.

Keep updated:

Keep your machine updated with the latest software and hardware. Updated components extend your device life cycle and make your laptop run smoother. Use anti-virus software for virus and malware protection. Keep software updated online. Use the latest hardware component. Laptops offer some of their hardware changing. You can use a high-speed ram, storage device (SSD instead of old HDD), or even swap your old processors.

Take care of your Laptop Battery:

The battery is an important part of your battery. It can power your laptops without electricity. After a certain use of time, the battery gets damaged. So, try to collect an original spare or after-market best quality battery. Charge it fully, do not use the device when the charge level is below 30%. Remove fully charged battery when you are not using your laptop for a long time; if you cannot, unplug it from the connector. Work overload can also harm your battery life. Use a proper power brick to charge it up.

Use a stable electric connection:

It is very important! An unstable electric line can fry up your laptop. So, to avoid it, use the electricity collection with voltage, over-load protection. Use good quality voltage stabilizer for the best result. Treat your power charger kindly. Do not roll the power cable tightly. That can harm your power cable. Keep the power brick in an airy and cool area.  

Keep enough space on your laptop:

 We mean keeping enough space on your storage components like hard disk and ram. Your laptop will run smoothly and faster with less stress load if you use 60% of your total storage. So, as your usability, add extra ram and delete unnecessary files from ‘C drive/ OS drive’ of your hard disk.

Well, that’s the simple work methods that can make your laptop run forever. Thanks.

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