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Laptop vs Desktop: Which Should You Buy?

Laptop or desktop? Which one is the correct option for your pc experience? This is a very common, simple, and confusing question that comes to mind when buying a computer. However, the answer seems different and is full of many dilemmas. Because different people have different opinions, so, it may ...

How to Make Your Laptop Last Forever- 9 Steps

Laptop, a common daily usable machine people use nowadays. Our digital life is quite impossible without it. This digital device is helping us solving every digital task with great function and reliability. Buying a laptop is always a big investment as this machine doesn’t come with a low price. ...

Dual-Core vs Quad-Core | Which is Better For Me?

If you are willing to purchase a pc or a laptop, you may lookup for a processor-based model. It means you will buy your machine according to your desired processor model. When choosing your processor, intel/AMD, single-dual-quad core, clock speed, threads are the common terms you will find. Most ...

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