Traveling Laptop Computer Cup Holder

Hold A Variety Of Other Items

Just imagine a traveling laptop computer cup holder that attaches to the laptop computer. This is a “must-have” accessory for every Laptop Carry Bag.  In addition to the traveling traveling laptop computer cup holder, the other accessories are: (1) A  Laptop power cord, (2) Tablet charger, (3) USB flash drive, (4) Portable hard drive, (5) Ethernet cable, (6) 4G Hotspot, (7) Headphones, (8) Business cards and (9) Pain medication.  You should strongly consider a traveling laptop computer cup holder. The traveling laptop computer cup holder is small, strong, light weight and easily attaches to your Laptop or the fold-down seat tray, and SAFELY holds your beverage or any other small device such as i-phone, pen, eye glasses and etc.  If you don’t have a traveling laptop computer cup holder and spill your drink on your laptop, or your seat neighbor, you can be sure that you will not have enough of item (9) pain medication on hand.

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