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Behold! The Laptop Butler That Holds Your Drink To Your Laptop

Laptop Butler Cup Holder Story

Prior to the invention of the Laptop Butler cup holder, if you were on the train and wanted to work on your laptop and enjoy a beverage at the same time your only choice was to hold the beverage between your feet and place your laptop on the small fold-down table tray or attempt to place the beverage next to the computer on the table tray and pray that the train didn’t lurch and spill the beverage on the computer, in your lap or worse, in your seat partner’s lap. Even before you boarded the train or airplane while waiting in the terminal building, if you wanted to work you were inconvenienced because there a table for you coffee was seldom available, so your choice was, 1) place drink container on the floor and work or, 2) work without a beverage and die from dehydration.   

The Laptop Butler Solved The Problem Solver

The Laptop cup holder is patented as the “Traveling Laptop Beverage Container Holder”. This unique product was designed specifically for people that use their laptop computers in out of office locations such as while traveling on trains, flying or just waiting in the terminal. 

The Laptop Butler cup holder is the ultimate traveling accessory.  What once was a frustrating dilemma, trying to work on your laptop and hold a beverage close by is completely eliminated.  Just remove the Laptop Butler from your shirt pocket or purse, attach it to your laptop, place the beverage container into the protective tear resistant black mesh bag that cradles your beverage. You can also use the bag to place place hold items such as a phone, writing instrument, eyeglasses and etc.

Laptop Butler attaches safely to tables

Laptop Butler Cup Holder

The Laptop Butler cup holder easily attaches to any flat surface up to 1-1/4 inches in thickness and its clamping surfaces are cushioned to prevent damage and slippage. Clamp to a tabletop and avoid the use of a coaster. Also, it is great for holding small items such as the TV control or a telephone.

Thanks to Pascal Forget of Montreal Canada for the demonstration video demonstrating the Laptop Butler cup holder

Never leave home without this strong, lightweight versatile Laptop Butler in your travel bag or pocket.  


A FREE red velvet carry pouch comes with each order.

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