Laptop Cup Holder by Laptop Butler™ 

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Laptop cup holder accessory
 The Laptop Butler Cup Holder Attaches Easily To Any Laptop Computer

Laptop cup holder patented as “Traveling Laptop Beverage Container Holder”, was designed specifically as a cup holder to safely hold a beverage container securely to your laptop computer, or the fold down table tray, or to hold a beverage container while the laptop is resting on your thighs and permit you to work on the laptop at the same time. Also uses around the house/office. Clamp to a table and avoid the use of a coaster. 

Not Sharp Edges
Perfect For You Accessory Bag Or Shirt Pocket

When not in use it folds to fit in your shirt pocket. While being light weight it is strong and very versatile. The tear resistant black mesh bag cradles your beverage or whatever you place in it such as a phone, writing instrument, eye glasses and etc. The Laptop Butler easily attaches to any flat surface up to 1-1/4 inches in thickness and its clamping surfaces are cushioned to prevent damage and slippage. The standard color is dark pewter.  

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Cup Not Included