The Traveling Laptop Computer Beverage Holder.  

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Laptop Cup Holder is especially useful while waiting in the terminal
Laptop Cup Holder

Laptop Cup Holder

Laptop Cup Holder by The Laptop Butler. The traveling laptop computer cup holder solves a problem millions of commuters have when traveling, where to hold a beverage containing your favorite beverage in confined out-of-the-office conditions, and work on a Laptop computer or Tablet at the same time —- without fear of a spill.

This Is A Must-Have Accessory For Every Travel Bag

No Sharp Edges
Folding Laptop Cup Holder That Fits In A Shirt Pocket Or Purse

Introducing the patented Laptop Butler traveling laptop computer cup holder!  This small, light weight, rugged, portable device easily, quickly and safely attaches to a laptop computer or any planar surface, such as the fold-down seat-back tray on an airplane, train or bus and conveniently holds a beverage container, or other small items such as pens, glasses, i-phones and etc.  When not in use it folds to fit in a shirt pocket. The Laptop Butler is a “must have” item for your laptop carry bag or a vest that holds lots of computer accessories.

A Must-Have When Shopping At Costco

You get your hot dog and soda with refill but then how can you carry the soda around while you shop. Remove your Laptop Butler from you shirt pocket of purse and place it on your shopping cart. Another problem solved with the Laptop Butler.

Use Around The House

Laptop Cup Holder Holding TV Remote
Laptop Cup Holder Serving As Collection Station For TV Remote

When not traveling a traveling laptop cup holder has many uses around the house.  Clamp the Laptop Butler to the end table and never lose the TV remote again.  It’s provides a convenient place to hold your favorite drink if you are sitting by the pool.  Just clamp the Laptop Butler beverage holder to your pool chair and sit back and relax!

Features include

    • Holds up to a 30 oz tumbler or small airplane type cups
    • Also holds items such as glasses, telephone, etc.
    • Folds to fit in a shirt pocket
    • Adjustable to fit on surfaces up to 1-1/4” thick
    • Light weight, <3 oz.
    • Made in USA
    • Cup not included