Traveling Laptop Computer Cup Holder by The Laptop Butler


Laptop Butler Traveling Beverage Holder

Traveling Cup Holder, Protect Your Laptop From Spills When Traveling on Trains, Airplanes and Buses

Traveling Laptop Computer Cup Holder by The Laptop Butler. The traveling laptop computer cup holder solves a problem millions of commuters have when traveling, where to hold a beverage containing your favorite beverage in confined out-of-the-office conditions, and work on a Laptop computer or Tablet at the same time —- without fear of a spill? Introducing the patented Laptop Butler traveling laptop computer cup holder!  This small, light weight, rugged, portable device easily, quickly and safely attaches to a laptop computer or any planar surface, such as the fold-down seat-back tray on an airplane, train or bus and conveniently holds a beverage container, or other small items such as pens, glasses, i-phones and etc.  When not in use it folds to fit in a shirt pocket. The Laptop Butler is a “must have” item for your laptop carry bag or a vest that holds lots of computer accessories.

While waiting for your flight connection in the terminal, a beverage holder is great to have because seldom can you find a chair with an adjacent table to sit your beverage on.  Sitting the drink container on the floor between your feet is very inconvenient and adds to the probability of spilling the drink. That example is the reason we invented the traveling cup holder. See the “Cup Holder Story – Preventing Spilled Beverages” tab.

When not traveling a traveling laptop cup holder has many uses around the house.  Clamp the Laptop Butler to the end table and never lose the TV remote again.  It’s provides a convenient place to hold your favorite drink if you are sitting by the pool.  Just clamp the Laptop Butler beverage holder to your pool chair and sit back and relax!

In 2015 we won a “pitch-off” contest on TechCrunch Sirius XM channel 121 national radio talk show, click HERE.

Order yours today and receive a red velvet carry pouch.

Features include:

  • Safety – Prevent spills
  • Holds up to a 30 oz tumbler or small airplane type cups
  • Also holds items such as glasses, telephone, etc.
  • Folds and fits in a shirt pocket
  • Adjustable to fit on surfaces up to 1-1/4” thick
  • Light weight, <3 oz.
  • Made in USA
  • Cup not included

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